Exchange for Android Overview

Exchange for Android has arrived!

Moonrug Software is pleased to announce that Moonrug Mobile is available for purchase! This application allows you to connect to your Microsoft® Exchange mailbox using an Android device.

The software comes with a trial license that allows you time to try all the features before you buy. After the trial expires, you can purchase a license for $23 USD.

Recent Changes

We are always working hard on the features that people want to see and responding to issues. Please see our Recent Changes page to see what is included with every update.

Before You Download

You will need to know the following information:

  1. Your Exchange server URL. This is usually the same information you use to access Outlook® Web Access (OWA).
  2. One of the following:
    • Your Windows® username, domain, and password.
    • Username in the form of domain\username and password.
    • Username in the form of and password.

Try it now!


  • Access Mail, Calendar, and Contacts.
  • View all your mail folders.
  • Erasable account information.
  • No local storage of mail data.
  • No need to buy specialized servers.
  • Ability to respond to meeting requests.
  • Add, edit and delete quick notes.
  • Download and view attachments (with a viewer).

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